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A modern painting of contemporary art, ideal for any home. Contemporary works of art will enrich your home with character. There are many paintings made by the Italian contemporary painter Salvatore Morgante: metaphysical landscapes, surreal photographs, bursts of colors that will contribute to giving a touch of color to living beings. A work of art is what makes every room special. You will be able to choose masterpieces, modern abstract paintings, expressionist paintings or an informal material picture, Sicilian landscapes, a painting, a portrait, an oil painting, acrylic or mixed media on canvas. Works of art on commission, personal portraits.

This colour is so disruptive and powerful, that it expresses an incredible desire of expression, which does not manage to stay on the canvas and it is capable of going beyond and expand. Morgante can find himself in that colour, so strong, so vivid and never muted; the artist and the person find themselves in it. Layers upon layers of colour make it palpable, real and concrete. The mastery with which Morgante handles colours on canvas is made possible by an effective consciousness about the places they can reach and the, perhaps intentional, absence of space-related limits.

In the Italian contemporary art scenario, there is a whole generation of Sicilian artists slowly standing out. Salvatore Morgante (Agrigento, 1976) is one of them. He confidently manages to express himself – showing talent, eclecticism, executive ability, unquestionable intuition – with an innovative style, especially when it comes to the abstractionism characterized by an actualized revision of Pollock’s heritage, which highlights the artist’s creativity and how able he is to handle – diversifying, in his visual research, styles and methods – the techniques he uses.

The paint is a sort of purification of the soul and, therefore, it must be free from any obscuring pain. In the intense strength of his brushstrokes, we can see the infinite emotion, rich in protection and expectation, heavy with the future: this does not mean he is not able to grasp the difficulty of the existential path or his own time. Such dimensions need to be an impulse to the action, to the passing of every negative condition and any inactivity. Art, sublime, grand and welcoming like the life womb, needs to stay uncontaminated.

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