Salvatore Morgante Artist



Salvatore Morgante was born in Agrigento in 1976. After graduating from high school, he started a long career in marketing, graphics and advertising. Currently Salvatore is Art Director of his own agency, he worked whit a numerous outstanding Made in Italy labels, in various area (manufacturing, art, events and cinema).

In 2018 he graduated in Visual Arts and Performing Arts at the “Michelangelo” Academy of Fine Arts in Agrigento, with a thesis dedicated to the artist Michele Cea, with a degree grade of 110/110 cum laude, special mention and recommendation for publication. The thesis was later published in 2019 by the prestigious Giorgio Mondadori Editore as a book, the first thesis ever published by this publishing house. He recently obtained a Master Degree in Visual Arts and Performing Arts, Major in Painting, in the same Fine Arts Academy, with a thesis entitled “The Arcane Breath, from Estro to Ecstasy – Spirituality, Esotericism and Shamanism in the creative process” with a degree grade of 110/110 cum laude, special mention and recommendation for publication.

Morgante is part of the Artistic Movement of “Meta-dimensionism”.  

Eclectic Artist, self-taught, his interest in painting, which started many years ago, is expressed through a constant and never-ending research of style, techniques and forms of expression. As a spontaneous aesthete, a lover of the matter, a researcher of emotions, a photographer of the states of the soul, his production is characterized by contrasts: uncertainty and certainty, depth and elevation, rationality and inspiration, colours and shadows, gestures and composure. The inner untouchable vocation, his creativity and the curiosity that make him stand out, led him to explore numerous disciplines, making art and the aesthetic balance the file-rouge of his thought. The fields in which he operates such experiments go from a kind of painting that was defined “Material-emotional Abstractionism” to a photography particularly focused on portraying human existence.

Expert of colour and proportions – also thanks to his professional background – Salvatore is passionate about photography and footage techniques. His multidisciplinary interests, the paroxysm in his research on obsessions and the structural phyllotaxis of thoughts have contributed to the creation of a complex and articulated character, distant from the “social spirit”, able to clearly and analytically observe the intellectual concerns, freeing them from mediocrity and elevating them to Art. 

Despite this, Salvatore Morgante defines himself “normal”. His normality stands as the filter between himself and the other, to create a unique, insightful, individualism that refuses the concept of the “insane” and “debauched” artist, preferring and artist-man who is inevitably forced to create to be alive. 


“My art is made of moments, sensations, emotions. States of mind poured onto the canvas through color, matter and gesture. An unstoppable impulse that forces me to create. My life and art are one. Everything gives me inspiration: a sentence, a thought, a sound, a smell, a colour. Places, time and space affect my creations, they become a vital part of them. The creative moment is a sequence of meditation and instinct. Thousands of different moments, dissonant stimuli and colours in contrast allow me to show the world what gives me life from within. At times a shout, a whisper, some others contemplation. But it is always life. My art speaks to the hearts and minds, but, mostly, to the soul: a Soul who lives, independently, in the grooves I leave in the matter, in the eyes and, I hope, in the heart”. 


Phases reflect the emotional state and the emotional impulse of the artist. Therefore, they cannot be bound to constraining and restrictive temporal definitions. 


The themes go from the interpretation of nature to the introspective research of characters, from the dry spots of the mind to the emotion impulses – always with a reference to the Sicily – land the Artist’s roots bound him to. Every work of his is never defined through a figurative interpretation, but it is always expressed through material and informal gestures. 


The artist is constantly researching for techniques of expression that can communicate the emotions of the moments he lives. To do so, he uses unconventional pigments and materials (ground, sand, cement, industrial paint) together with “impossible” casual materials, mixed with the most traditional ones (oil, acrylic and pigments) with wise fantasy.  

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