Prof. Nuccio Mula

Morgante’s Art

THE CRITICS Nuccio Mula International Art Critic Salvatore Morgante’s Art. In his brilliant and intense professional life, Salvatore Morgante deals (also at the highest international levels as for his standing and commissioning) with a seemingly malleable context – marketing applied to multimedia communication. In such context, however, for both the project concept and the creative …

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Prof. Nuccio Mula

Morgante’s Photography

THE CRITICS Nuccio Mula International Art Critic Salvatore Morgante’s photography Anybody can be a photographer, since always. You only need sight and any suitable ad-hoc tool. But only a few can really go beyond the mere ability to take photographs and be photographers: to write and make every nuance and absence of Light present, using …

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Prof. Alfredo Pasolino

Art, Morgante’s burst of light

THE CRITICS Alfredo Pasolino International critic and art historian Art, Salvatore Morgante’s burst of light, releases the immensity in ourselves! Salvatore Morgante is a skillful innovator of Art, thought as a pure emotion. His relationship with Modernity is elitist and aristocratic, although the purity of the shape has inspired him since the very beginning. An outside …

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Prof.ssa Luisa Trenta Musso

The Utopic Sublime

THE CRITICS Luisa Trenta Musso International Critic The Utopic Sublime in Salvatore Morgante’s art. Reading Salvatore Morgante’s painting is an incredible adventure. As an infinite discourse, a never-ending fairytale. It is like witnessing the beginning of the creation. In the beginning, there was Chaos. In the beginning, in this artist’s creative genius, there is colour. …

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The soul emotions

THE CRITICS Paola Simona Tesio Art Critic, Journalist. Salvatore Morgante and the Soul Emotions. The Emotional-Material Abstractionism The impression and the emotions generate a sublime matter in Salvatore Morgante’s art. The “intangible trace” changes its shape, thanks to its ability and its pure sentiment, turning into pulsing and lively authenticity. Those who look are captured by …

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Prof. Massimiliano Porro

Every gesture is an event

THE CRITICS Massimiliano Porro Art critic and historian Every gesture is an event. And every gesture that becomes a sign has its own historic soul. Emotions are, sometimes, so strong that it is possible to paint without even realizing it. So, canvas become the place of the encounter and confrontation of what permeates the “Self” …

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Prof. Fortunato Orazio Signorello

Between Abstractionism and Figurative

THE CRITICS Fortunato Orazio Signorello International Critic Art Salvatore Morgante between Abstractionism and Figurative. “Notabilis” – March/April 2016 In the Italian contemporary art scenario, there is a whole generation of Sicilian artists slowly standing out. Salvatore Morgante (Agrigento, 1976) is one of them. He confidently manages to express himself – showing talent, eclecticism, executive ability, …

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Dott.ssa Alessandra Consiglio


THE CRITICS Alessandra Consiglio Historian and Art Critic Materic. Salvatore Morgante defines himself a “materic” and, to be honest, it does not exist an adjective that better describes his work. Self-taught artist, luckily I’d say, with outstanding technical skills. His graphic work has undoubtedly led to a knowledge of the colour, which immediately appears evident from …

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