Alessandra Consiglio

Historian and Art Critic


Salvatore Morgante defines himself a “materic” and, to be honest, it does not exist an adjective that better describes his work. Self-taught artist, luckily I’d say, with outstanding technical skills. His graphic work has undoubtedly led to a knowledge of the colour, which immediately appears evident from his works. This colour is so disruptive and powerful, that it expresses an incredible desire of expression, which does not manage to stay on the canvas and it is capable of going beyond and expand.Morgante can find himself in that colour, so strong, so vivid and never muted; the artist and the person find themselves in it. Layers upon layers of colour make it palpable, real and concrete. The mastery with which Morgante handles colours on canvas is made possible by an effective consciousness about the places they can reach and the, perhaps intentional, absence of space-related limits. Explosions, drippings, disrupts, gestures, all element that certainly remind of Pollock and the Action Painting. Though Morgante goes even further, allowing the brush to dance, creating mild poetic undulations.Morgante’s art is impulsive, gestures own it, but not without criterion and consistency. The observer is literally and positively absorbed by such pure emotion expressed in a game of colours and intentional and unintentional shades, by the powerfulness of the artistic gesture that does not stop at the surface of the canvas, but goes way beyond. Along with such a powerful gesture, the artist himself experiences the need of outburst. Morgante is an artist you cannot place or bind to easy schemes or concepts. His arts is created by his soul: spontaneous, necessary, free. And with the same free look the observer should approach Morgante’s works, letting themselves go to the smooth colour, at times scratchy, almost aggressive but never excessive, letting the artist lead them to the worlds he wants to reach.

Dott. Alessandra Consiglio

Historian and Art Critic
Curator of Expositions and Artistic Events


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