Alfredo Pasolino

International critic and art historian

Art, Salvatore Morgante’s burst of light, releases the immensity in ourselves!

Salvatore Morgante is a skillful innovator of Art, thought as a pure emotion. His relationship with Modernity is elitist and aristocratic, although the purity of the shape has inspired him since the very beginning.

An outside the box thinker, he has always chased his dream ghosts and visionary desires. By making the subjective reality their true reality, going from Symbols to Symbolism, together with the senses and spiritualism. Wisely reshaping cryptic codes, gasping the poetry, the melody – always metaphorically – of dreams, signs and the hidden life.

His compositions start with inspirational and archetypical instinctive intuitions with immediate gestures: it is a message with an ethical ending that goes beyond the final project it aims at, even in its being an iconic system in mediating subconscious with colors, the rebellious use of evocative dreams. Both of them transfigured in a pure expression of energy, always changing, heading forward. Always far from a nostalgic representation of the past or a concise reaction to the energies that stimulate him.

Morgante like an Argonaut… pushes himself beyond the poetic symbolism of the Muse Erato, beyond the very same divine anthropocentric psyche of the Vitruvian Man reflected in the universal cosmogony. Awakening and shedding light with his inner soul, the receptive conscience is sensitive to any human catalyst as a source of inspiration.

He has his own inner Hermeticism that guides him with its own energy of love. His inner spiritual ability to perceive and feel himself in his oversensitive heart. A traveler of a fourth dimensional art, guided through the tormented path of the love for Christ, which links men to one another, even by the psycho-emotive impact of whoever sees his works.

His path is a golden circular thread that waves from the heights to the bottoms of the sacred: as it stands up above, here it lies on the bottom! Both intertwined. Vedantico, the same connection! He has his own freedom of thought. From the notorious and known, the free creativity is the test for serenity through the wise ability of donating themselves through the inner sound of art.

The favourite myth is a poem by Alda Merini: the cryptic sound dispersed in the shadow. The shadow neglected to those who speak in the illusion of Maya, of the objective divisive dualism. Salvatore crosses that line with humility, acknowledging the sacred value of his inner sensitivity. In his visions, flashes of eternity of his “self” – deep intersubjective plural – spread in the immense. Infinite divine mercy… Master suggesting spiritual truths of wisdom through the purity of creativity. What a magic of the transfigured symbolism! What an osmosis into the TAO of artistic poetry.

Metamorphic transposition of the Divine into us, that is what Salvatore Morgante offers us in abundance. What a beautiful dance of Beauty – Truth!


Prof. Alfredo Pasolino

International critic and art historian 
Diapason Consortium
Expo MI 2015 – Padiglione Mediterraneo – Cluster Regione Sicilia – Consiglio d’Europa
Former Artistic Director of the 55th Biennale Internazionale di Venezia 2013
Officina delle Zattere


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