Luigina Tomasi

Visive Culture Scientist

Salvatore Morgante: The Voice of the Soul Becomes Matter of Life.

It is an impact “on” the colour that becomes matter, substance, essence of things…

The beauty of physicality! The Etymological Dictionary by Giacomo Devoto [CDE, Frigliano (CN), 1989, p. 260] offers us a clear definition of what “matter” means. The word comes from the Latin “materia”, abstract for mater, as it was originally used by farmers to refer to the “motherly substance” of tree trunks. The matter, the soul of things, is the inspiration and breath that gives life, it is what generates the very first existential thrust (the scream of birth) and then gives energy to the body (the becoming). Not without a reason, referring to the origin of the word, we talk about the vital lymph (of the tree itself), a liquid that flows through the channels of the body of any individual (human, animal, vegetal, microbial…) and generates or re-generates its existence.

And here is the artist Salvatore Morgante’s true genius loci…

Master Morgante’s inspiration comes to its fullest accomplishment in the visceral essence of human beings. Every trait, each brush stroke, every chromatic shade is the mood that sweats from all the enthusiasm about life the Author has within. It is the passionate love towards the mystery of life, the miracle of the creation, the intriguing physical contact with the surrounding world… The unstoppable desire to rush into the world to grasp its ultimate essence. The only way to do it is living life to the fullest.How to do it? Making the experience of the senses and emotions material trough the exceptional and extraordinary use of colour. Everything becomes a reason to instill the vertigo of the physicality, the pleasure of the touch, the beauty of the joie de vivre. Everything turns into ground to touch, fire to warm up, air to breath, water to bathe.The depicted objects have a body, a soul: they slash the canvas, leaving indelible signs of their passage, visible and real; they cannot be contained within the Maker-Author guidance, in the wise attention to the borders and/or existing limits: the break the rules of monochromatic theorizations in favour of explosive and unprecedented combinations. They reveal a subtle delicacy that only the most tender and wildest lover can give to what he loves; they go beyond concepts and standardized categories (gender, class, race…).Nothing is like how it used to be, after Master Morgante actively exercised his tactile sense on what inspires him. It is a miracle to witness the catharsis of the matters he deals with, as they become sublime and something else, catching an indefinable state of the being and the becoming (In front of, behind, and beyond). His intent to study human events and natural phenomena when and I they modify their state and movement, catching the fleeting moment, in an epic fusion of harmony and technique is outstanding.

An encounter of Love that you cannot forget. Thank you, Salvatore.


Dott. Luigina Tomasi

Sociologist, Anthropologist, Visive Culture Scientist


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