Massimiliano Porro

Art critic and historian

Every gesture is an event.

And every gesture that becomes a sign has its own historic soul. Emotions are, sometimes, so strong that it is possible to paint without even realizing it. So, canvas become the place of the encounter and confrontation of what permeates the “Self” in that very moment.

That same canvas becomes bigger, almost humongous, but it does not dominate the scene with its proportions. The painter owns it, makes it his however he likes it using the same energy that is born while being doing so. This is how Salvatore Morgante’s art is created, as an event that even from the very first moments starts with high quality chromatic variations. Every trait, every pigment on the canvas gives the start to a story.

Then, it lets the journey begin. Here it starts the contact with his universe, dominated, in part, by abstract flashes created by the mind as a breath of life that comes from the artist’s body to become material spirit ready to be shaped. It is a love encounter that embraces, twists and never forgets the link with what is not tangible, while the titles make the world intelligible with its metamorphosis, attractions and collisions. 

Morgante’s universe is Gea’s universe, ancient mother who enhances and gives strength to what belongs to her: Sicilian soil with its landscapes and the Nature as a protagonist in a generational unicum. Marc Chagall would say: “The country that stands in my soul is only mine. / I go without a passport / as in my home / It sees my sadness / and my loneliness / it puts me to sleep / And it covers me with a perfumed stone”.

The perfumes, the joy, the concerns, the fears come to life in Salvatore’s paintings and we are accompanied into the discovery of whatever passionate, pure and original there is on that island. Among flowers, dawns and sunsets with a precise aim: to openly state that art aims at giving emotions. And as in this case, it can only rise from the Light within. However tall a tree can become, the leaves will always come back to the roots and the memory of what we are will keep shining. 


Prof. Massimiliano Porro

Art critic and historian
Professor at the Fine Arts Academy “Aldo Galli” – Como
and at the High School of Arts Bernardino Luini – Cantù


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