Nuccio Mula

International Art Critic

Salvatore Morgante’s photography


Anybody can be a photographer, since always.

You only need sight and any suitable ad-hoc tool. But only a few can really go beyond the mere ability to take photographs and be photographers: to write and make every nuance and absence of Light present, using the Third Eye of Deuteroscopy and Illumination (which, specifically, Dziga Vertov defined, in the early ‘900, “Kino-Eye”).

Just like it happens with Salvatore Morgante, an “outsider” Artist with great manifold creativity. He has always been able and willing to guess, see, frame, capture and reintroduce, with masterful sources, all the universes of visuality, searching into the Voiceless Soul of the Substance and the Naked Soul of Souls. 


Prof. Nuccio Mula

Writer – Journalist
University Professor of Phenomenology of the Image and Contemporary Arts
Professor of Theory of Perception and Shape Psycology at the Fine Arts Academy Michelangelo in Agrigento.
Member of the Internazional Association of Art Critics.


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