Luisa Trenta Musso

International Critic

The Utopic Sublime in Salvatore Morgante’s art.

Reading Salvatore Morgante’s painting is an incredible adventure. As an infinite discourse, a never-ending fairytale. It is like witnessing the beginning of the creation. In the beginning, there was Chaos.

In the beginning, in this artist’s creative genius, there is colour. A dazzling centripetal and centrifugal vertigo of colours that holds the labor of what will be given light to. The hurt, together with the joy, of life. All this exploded within the soul of Salvatore Morgante’s eye and mind. It is an event that acquires a privileged spot in the greater event of contemporary art, although preserving its instinctive attitude in wanting to become an infinite discourse, infinite discovery and surprise of never-ending births. A prodigious artistic production, whose “secret workshop” must not be violated with analytics methodology, but only experienced and lived together with the artist. It must be heard. Because it is a wondrous interlocution of irresistible charm. Magnetic. It is impossible to walk past it without being captivated. Overwhelmed by the fascinating spectacle of the becoming forms; from the utopic sublime of a world that can become better; from the amusing antinomian symbolism that links light to darkness, black to white, top to bottom, in the great infinite story of creation.

In this sort of atemporal suspension, the transfiguration of the raw material takes place, through the separation of the elements it consists of; either collecting them from the outside to the centre, or through images that emerge from a deep abyss, or in a storm of light falling from the sky. On the outside, the rough charm of calcareous stalactites, rebellious to shapes. 

In other areas of this rich expression of colour, the delicate symbolism of small creations rejoices. The gem that turns into a flower, the caterpillar into a butterfly, the ground into grass. An harmonious context of crystal-clear expressions. A tender cry from the Earth. Wondrous painting in which the human face comes out from the clay. The eyes, the forehead, the mouth, the lips. The breath in the respective colours: white, grey, light blue. And red: lymph and blood. Systole and diastole of a brand new Adam, whose rib carries his partner. Though, he needs an earthbound place where to reproduce. 

He arrives. It is a simple arch, beyond which there is only a glimpse of sky. A house, built by the thought, that has not become stone yet. 

It is prominent, in the Odysseus journey the artist takes, a deliberate predilection for the surreal, the sacred place of the mythology of the genesis as the noble ascendency of men. 
Salvatore Morgante owns a rare dowry. He is a master in chasing, grasping, expressing – through the dynamic strength of colours – the hidden vibrations of the existence. He can trigger primordial memories in heavenly places and times.

In the chromatic light of his paintings, it is not difficult to pick his subtle objective: giving men the certainty that, beyond the self-destructive and subhuman tendencies of the current society, there is light, truth and beauty. Love. 


Prof. Luisa Trenta Musso

Writer, Poet, Essayist
International Critic


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